The Time is At Hand!

The Prophecy of Daniel 2 Concerning the Government of Man

We are living in a very special time. Over 2,600 years ago, during the Babylonian Empire, God revealed to the prophet Daniel the rise and fall of the world’s empires from that time onwards all the way into the future, even until the second coming of Christ (Daniel 2:24-45). God showed this time line in the form of an image. The image’s head of gold represents the Babylonian Empire (Dan. 2:38). The chest and arms of silver represent the Medo-Persian Empire (Daniel 2:39; 8:20) which conquered Babylon in 539 BC. This empire was replaced by the belly and thighs of bronze: the Greek Empire (Dan. 8:21). In 331 BC, Alexander the Great did indeed conquer the Medo-Persian Empire – just as Daniel had foretold.

The two long legs of iron represent the Roman Empire and its offshoots which started when Augustus became the first Roman Emperor in 31 BC. And as the legs are proportionally the longest part of the image, the Roman Empire and all its offshoots existed for the longest period of time: first came the emperors, the Roman Catholic Church and then the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. God revealed which form of rule would follow the Roman Empire through the feet made of iron (to rule) mixed with clay (people): democracy (dêmos krátos : rule of the people). The world witnessed the birth of democracy with the Declaration of Independence in the USA in 1776 and the French Revolution in 1789. For the past 240 years, democracy has been spread throughout the world.

However, after Brexit and the most recent presidential election in the USA, the press began reporting the end of liberal democracy. Democracy is on the verge of ending, and it will give way to the final form of government shown in the image: the 10 toes. So, the big question is: what comes after democracy? What do these 10 toes represent?

In Daniel 9:27, God shows us that the final 7 years of this age begin with the signing of a peace treaty in the Middle East which will enable the Jews to bring their sacrifices to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. During the first 3½ years peace and safety will reign (1 Thess. 5:3). But this treaty will then be broken with the rise of the Antichrist, ending democracy. The 10 toes represent the 10 kings ruling over the nations who will also give their power to the Antichrist. The Bible calls the final 3½ years the great day of God’s wrath (Rev. 6:17), the worst time and the greatest tribulation ever to have occurred on earth.

Daniel 2 also says that a rock from heaven will come down to destroy the image. From it, a great mountain will emerge. This is the second coming of Christ! He will put an end to all of man’s government and bring to the earth God’s kingdom which will stand forever (Dan. 2:44).

What must we do?
Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? If not, then accept Him as your Savior and be baptized (Mark 16:16) to enter into His kingdom. If you are already a Christian, then you must grow to reach maturity in your Christian life (Heb. 6:1) to be qualified to receive the reward of becoming co-kings with Christ (2 Tim. 4:7-8; Rev. 1:6; 5:10; 20:6). The end of this age is imminent, and we have to be prepared! God is looking for overcomers among His people today (Rev. 3:21), for the time is at hand!